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Why choose a career in finance consultancy?

finance consultancy

As a finance professional, you can currently choose from a wide range of interesting finance jobs. If you are still looking for the ideal next step in your career, the wide range of options could make your decision more difficult. A choice we at hyphen are happy to help you with.

Do you get energy from variety? Are you looking for a career in finance that you can completely design yourself, tailor-made training and do you also want to be part of a warm and close-knit team? Was the answer four times a resounding yes?! Then a career as a finance consultant at hyphen could be the next step for you!

But what exactly is finance consultancy?

Consultancy or consulting is often defined as "giving advice". But it is much more than that. As a Finance consultant, you will provide temporary support to customers who want to safeguard their continuity; set up optimisation processes; or need your specific Finance expertise. You will therefore be part of your client's Finance team, allowing you to make a direct impact on an organisation.


Why choose finance consultancy at hyphen?

Variation and variety

The added value of project work is that you don't have to choose one type of role. Each role has a different interpretation in each organisation, allowing you to sample different branches within the finance domain. For example, you may discover roles in GL accounting, FP&A analytics or business controlling.

Do you already know which path you want to take? Great! Whether it is your ambition to become a controlling manager or CFO, we will work with you to design a tailor-made path to achieve your professional goals. This will give you the chance to build up a very in-depth knowledge of your dream function and to practice it in different contexts.

A steep learning curve

During your first months on project as a finance consultant, you will experience a steep learning curve. You keep learning new things over and over again and will build up solid expertise in the short term. Think of various ways of drawing up budgets, automation of reports, discovering (or implementing) different ERP systems, etc.


Still eager to learn about other issues not covered within your project? You can! We strongly believe in the principle of lifelong learning. In addition to learning on the job, you can always count on extra coaching and tailor-made training courses.

We have a large dose of in-house knowledge at our disposal from our driven team of project consultants on the one hand, and our business managers on the other. The latter - who all have a Finance background - will enthusiastically guide and coach you during your voyage of discovery through the world of Finance.

Together with you, we will also examine which training courses can contribute to your individual development on the one hand and to a positive progression of your project on the other. The subjects of the training courses are very diverse: Finance technical topics, Excel for advanced, industrial controlling, Power BI, leadership, assertiveness, etc.

A warm and close-knit team

We not only pay attention to a stimulating working environment, but also to a nice company culture. At hyphen, you can count on a warm, open and close-knit team where you can be completely yourself.

Even though you will spend a large part of your working week on the project itself, you will get plenty of opportunities to get to know your fellow consultants. From Friday drinks to teambuildings and even bike rides on Sundays, you will join a close and trusted group of thirty ambitious colleagues.



We believe a career in finance consulting to be a rewarding career path for finance professionals. But don't take our word for it. Instead discover what our finance consultants have to say about their career at hyphen:

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Convinced & ready to take the leap?

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