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finance staffing & beyond

Looking for a partner in finance staffing? Hyphen ensures you’ll soar to new heights as a company, consultant or freelancer. Discover what hyphen as a finance recruiter can do for you.

pushing boundaries in finance

Hyphen does a great many things for a great many people.

  • Experienced consultants & freelancers get guidance on how to obtain a fulfilling career in finance.
  • Future-oriented companies get advice on how to make their organisation more efficient, agile and profitable.

And hyphen? Hyphen is the power that brings them together. We’ll move heaven and earth to connect the right finance professionals to the right organisations. And we shoot for the stars.

About us

+ finance professionals

At hyphen, you’ll benefit from an extensive network of internal and external experts who, together, cover all domains of the finance industry.

+ years of experience

You’ll benefit from an approach that’s tailored to your needs, based on the boundless expertise of Dixon & Company. A renowned player in staffing with more than 10 years’ worth of experience.

+ success stories

The best indication that our unique approach really does make a difference? Simply take a look at our fast-growing portfolio of over 165 satisfied partners.

Finance staffing, but different

Hyphen enables you to aim for the stars and hands you a different perspective. Because every partner is different, but also because every single member of our finance team brings to the table their unique know-how and experience.

Thanks to our diverse expertise, we’re able to create the right atmosphere to carry out our hyper personal approach. It also generates the trust we need for co-creation and intrapreneurship, the stuff that fuels every successful project. In our versatility lies the true strength of finance.

To launch your project and achieve your goal. And even a ways beyond that.

About us



tailer-made solutions


You address short and long-term employee absences.

A higher workload, an absence due to illness or parenthood, or simply in need of reinforcements?

Hyphen ensures you’ll have continuity in your finance department, in every role and for every profile, from junior accountants to senior managers.



Hyphen helps you to expand your team’s skillset and qualifications.

From group reporting and consolidation to fiscal advice, credit & treasury management, internal audits, support for due diligence and transaction assessments...

Whatever specialisation you’re looking for, we’ll ensure your employees become experts in their respective fields.



Bridge the gap between where your company is today and where you’re aiming to head next.

Want to implement a new ERP or BI system, automate an E2E process or improve your performance and profitability?

Every change will inevitably impact your entire organisation. Our seasoned finance project managers are here to guide you through the process, step by step.


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Ready for launch?

Discover how the right finance recruiter can help your company or career soar to new heights. Request a complimentary chat with our experts in finance staffing today.

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