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Hyphen Padel Experience


In the summer, we took the time to get together with the team for a fun activity: Padel.

A well-known sport for most, a completely new experience for others. For those who would still have doubts, one thing is clear: experience is certainly not required to have fun. Perhaps a bit awkward at first, but after a short initiation lesson, everyone quickly got the hang of it. As a surprise, three people were also given the opportunity to take home a fantastic Padel trophy.

We would like to give a little shout-out to the winners here:

 The award for Favorite Padel Companion goes to...

Tim was the first to receive the title of Favorite Padel Companion. The fact that he was always ready with padel balls for his fellow players has not gone unnoticed.


The Padel Service Wizard of the Year is...

It was clear to everyone that Glenn mastered the technique. On the field you can now address him as THE Padel Service Wizard.


Last but not least...

Sonny's tennis experience turned out to play out in his favor, as he was officially appointed as the ultimate Padel Court Master. A resume-worthy title, right?


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