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From audit to project consultancy

Finance Project Consultant - Joren

Six months ago, Joren made the switch from audit to project consultancy at Hyphen. In this article looks back at his first project as a finance consultant.

“After more than four years in audit, I needed a new challenge. After long hesitation, I decided to start my search for something new. After a first conversation with Hyphen at their office, I was immediately convinced. As an auditor you come to many different places, but nowhere was the atmosphere as good as at Hyphen.”

“The nice thing about being a project consultant is that you're always learning. Each time you end up in new situations and companies. You have to act quickly to continue developing yourself as a finance professional but also as a person.”

Meanwhile, Joren has completed his first project at Uitgeverij VAN IN:

“I worked there as an FSS controller for four months. The bookkeeping of Uitgeverij VAN IN is located in the Shared Service Center in India. I was responsible for the Shared Service Center and also for the daily follow-up. I was their first point of contact for all problems or questions.”

“I look back on a very fun and interesting project. Everyone at Uitgeverij VAN IN was accessible and friendly. I immediately felt at home and that ensured a smooth integration.”

“Preparing the annual accounts, managing the monthly closing, testing and improving new processes, managing the accounting in India, being part of a controlling team, … These were all things I hadn't done before in audit. With the support of Sally (Controller in Accounting Services at VAN IN) I managed all these projects successfully. 


“Joren was immediately accepted as an additional employee at Finance. It felt to us that he had known the firm for years. He is a pleasant person who is very eager to learn. He had to support the Financial Controller in a short time in all kinds of activities such as annual accounts and monthly closings. He therefore immediately took action and familiarized himself with the various systems, thereby helping the external accounting department to clear up ambiguities so that the monthly closing now runs more smoothly.

We are therefore very grateful to Joren for his tireless dedication, enthusiasm and professional knowledge that he has shown during his short period with us. “

- Sally Van Put, Controller in Accounting Services at VAN IN


Future perspective

“Now my first project has been completed and I am already working on my next project. To date, I have not regretted my switch from audit to consultancy for a second. And I am extremely proud to be part of Hyphen.”

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