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My first year at Hyphen


The story starts in the fall of 2018 when I received a LinkedIn message from Hyphen. I entered the conversation with an open mind. During the conversations at Hyphen, I immediately felt that I was not just any number. They tried to convey the passionately personal story which was the biggest USP for me. I was convinced and decided to come on board!

Almost immediately the team found a new project for me where I would take my first steps in controlling. When my notice period came to an end, I started the first day at HQ with a scared heart. Would Hyphen deliver on what they promised? Would this new project be a good choice? Would the colleagues be cool?

The answer would turn out to be absolutely yes!

During my project I ended up under a real people person with years of experience in accounting and controlling. He not only got me to know the business, but also gave me every opportunity to learn to analyze, report and challenge the business on a level. In return, I gave him my full commitment and motivation in a difficult work situation

After this project my role evolved from financial controller to corporate cost controller (SG&A controlling, maintaining cost center structure, link between business and accounting,…), maintaining cost centers…. Here it quickly became clear that there was a lot of room for personal initiative. After an initial learning period I decided to do job crafting: I automated the reporting and analyzes as much as possible with power query (special thanks my fellow Hyphen colleague Jens) And immersed myself in the business to take on a role as a business partner. This was appreciated and it was decided to hire me for an advisory role in the project team that is now leading the restructuring of an entire business unit across EMEA.

So professionally, thanks to Hyphen, I have taken steps forward with seven-league boots! During the past year it has also been shown that the Hyphen DNA flows through my veins. Both the recruiters and the consultants made me feel at home from day one. The many events helped enormously, especially the incentive to London (special thanks our Kulture Klub) and the ski trip.

To conclude, switching to Hyphen turned out to be the best choice I could make at that time. Big love to all Hyphenites and on to the next adventure!

Author: Jérôme

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